Enjoy the Journey – The Bessbrook Shawl by Brenda Brayfield

Do you admire shawls but are overwhelmed by the large number of stitches? Do you look at the lacework and think, “What if I make a mistake? With so many stitches to rip back will I get them back on the needle correctly? Will I be able to find my place in the pattern?” If this is the case, you must try a shawl with a knitted-on border. The results are equally as stunning, but the process is so much easier. Begin by casting on 3 stitches, increasing to 300+ stitches, stop, turn the knitting, and with the working yarn still attached, cast on 20 stitches. The edging is worked sideways to the body and by knitting together one shawl stitch and one edging stitch the border is knitted on. If you make a mistake, it’s only 20 stitches! Rip back to your lifeline and off you go again. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds, and fun too!

Skill level: Intermediate

$50 for two 2.5-hour sessions

Instructor: Brenda Brayfield


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